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Bathroom Sinks

Browse the manufacturers on this page and visit their sites by clicking the names, we can get you any item that you find. Our 'buyers guide" is below to give you the basics on some of the variables that you will encounter in your selection process.

Bathroom sinks also known as lavatory sinks come in many styles, materials and just about any color you can imagine. Do you desire an enameled cast iron, stainless steel, vitreous china, fireclay, honed stoned, hand hammered metal or even hand blown glass bathroom sink? While each material has its own charms and benefits an experienced design professional at The Plumbery and Plumbing N’ Things can help you choose the lavatory that meets your needs. Each of these materials can fit into the basic styles, pedestals, vessels, wall hung, vanity tables and counter top sinks.


While many of the items our manufacturer partners offer are in stock we can get you any product that they currently offer. Browse their websites to find your desired items or visit one of our beautiful showrooms to get a hands on feel for your new kitchen or bath. The images on this page were chosen to demonstrate the style and feel of each manufacturer; they do not represent images of our showrooms. Please navigate to gallery to view pictures or our showrooms.